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Despite their extremely attractive prices, the quality of Vigilante dampers is equal to, or in most cases, exceeds that of competing harmonic dampers. You won't find any damper that is more accurately balanced or more closely machined for the correct fit than the Vigilante line of high performance street or SFI-spec racing harmonic dampers.
All Vigilante dampers feature a bonding process which adheres the elastomer to the I.D. of the inertia ring and the O.D. of the hub. Through subsequent research and development the process has been perfected utilizing a stronger adhesive along with an improved elastomer that creates a much stronger bond. It now takes twice the force to separate the hub from the ring as it did with previous bonding systems. Vigiante Elastomer Balancers are  practically indestructible.
Vigilante fluid style balancers are SFI 18.1 certified and tested at 12,500 rpm They feature laser welded housings with the internal inertia ring suspended in silicon fluid. Engine harmonics are dampened at any frequency and rpm. The visibility provided by engraved timing marks make timing much easier. External balance models feature bolt-in counterweights, which may be removed for use with internal balance applications. Vigilante all steel SFI fluid balancers are ideal for street, street and strip, and most race applications.