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Main Girdle Installation

Every effort has been made to insure your Probe Main Girdle has been manufactured for a trouble free fit in as many applications as possible. However, it is impossible to foresee every installation and thus there are some precautions you the engine builder must take.

Please follow these instructions to make the installation as simple as possible:

  1. Install studs provided and main caps. Tighten studs by hand.
  2. Please note there are two different thicknesses of washers provided with your main girdle. Install the thicker washer on the main cap.
  3. Install the main cap girdle, checking for clearance at the top of the main caps. Use a belt sander to clearance as necessary.
  4. Install crankshaft, main caps & girdle and torque to specifications.
  5. Install oil pump and check for clearance around the girdle. Grind as required.
  6. Rotate crankshaft and connecting rod assembly and check for main girdle clearance. Clearance as necessary.
  7. Install oil pan without a gasket and check for clearance at the outside of the oil pump loop.