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The lifter is one of the most critical pieces in an engine combination. Whether it be mechanical or hydraulic, flat tappet or roller, the lifter determines how the camshaft will react to the balance of the engine combination. As operating range increases, lifter and valve lifter float become serious considerations. Increased spring pressure can sometimes be the answer, but more often than not, the ability of the lifter to manage the load is the key to success or valve train failure. COMP Cams® offers all common lifter designs, as well as the new Evolution Series of Retrofit Roller Lifters.

Evolution_Hydraulic Roller
COMP Cams® Evolution Hydraulic Roller Lifters are the first lifters EVER created using the newly patented Hydraulic Cartridge Technology (HCT)! This revolutionary design offers the most reliable performance of any lifters in the aftermarket. A combination of a self-contained hydraulic cartridge within a thick wall lifter body and accompanying reduced oil volume that is less affected by oil aeration delivers the most consistent bleed rates between each lifter. more info