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Edelbrock Performance Cylinder Heads are made in the USA, at Edelbrock's ultra modern casting facility, resulting the best in quality and performance. Using highly efficient port designs and state of the art combustion chamber shapes, Edelbrock cylinder heads offer improved performance throughout the rpm range for great throttle response and top end horsepower.

Edelbrock cylinder heads for the Chrysler Small Block, Big Block, and Gen III Hemi engines promise excellent performance increases for Street, Street/Strip, Competition or Marine applications.

Chrysler_A and LA Small Block
Edelbrock Small Block Chrysler cylinder heads are easily one of the most popular aluminum cylinder heads on the market...because Edelbrock cylinder heads are synonymous with making great power right out of the box. They are available for the Magnum or LA engine configuration and provide improved power throughout the RPM range for greater throttle response and top-end horsepower. more info
Chrysler_B and RB Big Block
It isn't the shiny look of a fresh aluminum head that will grab you, it's the nicely shaped port and bowl forms, the quench combustion chamber, and the deeper, angled spark-plug position. Then run comparison flow bench testing versus the ubiquitous 906 casting. That exercise showed 291 cfm of intake airflow against 233 cfm for the 906 casting. and 223 cfm versus 171 cfm on the exhaust side.

There is power to be had here.....
more info
Chrysler_Gen II Hemi
Designed for Elephant motors with 4.500 inch bore blocks, these cylinder heads are designed to work in conjunction with the level of airflow that aftermarket 528/540/572ci Hemis can generate, so as to unleash the full potential of these brutal big blocks. more info
Chrysler_Gen III Hemi
The key to the Gen III Hemiís powerful image is tied directly to the cylinder heads. The key to increasing cylinder head flow lies in Edelbrock heads for the GEN III Hemi. There are multiple production versions as weíll see but, increased cylinder head flow, complemented by the Hemiís large valves and revised, twin-plug combustion chamber have all contributed to making this engine a serious contender with an awesome punch. Then just to inject steroids into this plan, Edelbrock heads are designed to handle boost, and then more boost. more info