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King Main Bearings_Ford 4.6L _HP Series
King Engine Bearings

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Alecular™ King Racing’s Bi-Metal structure

  • The .015” thick top layer can be squeezed and worn up to .010” (vs. tri-metal .0005”) without damaging the crank journals
  • Its Vickers hardness of 40 withstands short duration high loads better than softer Babbitt’s Vickers hardness of 15-20
  • The thick top layer provides better macro-particle (>.00025”) embedability vs. a typical tri-metal Babbitt (.015” thickness vs .0005”)
  • The Alecular temperature threshold is almost 30% greater than tri-metal (450ºF vs.350ºF)

KING developed the HP Series featuring the Alecular™ metal structure. Alecular™’s main benefit is its ability to contend with high loads for short durations. The Alecular™ metal structure was developed for specific race applications such as drag racing, which can benefit from a harder than Babbitt top layer material. Alecular™ also serves other performance applications that use nodular cast iron crankshafts, such as street/strip and some levels of circle track racing.
King HP-Series main bearings are recommended for street and strip performance applications. They're designed for blown, turbocharged, NOS, and alcohol-fueled engines using forged steel crankshafts. These main bearings have greater eccentricity for superior oiling at high rpm, and a chamfered surface for large radii crankshafts. HP-Series bearings also feature large, chamfered oil holes—and are available in 1/2 or 3/4 grooving for improved oiling to withstand high-rpm applications. Order the bearings designed for fitment with your specific engine.

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
KNG-MB5353HP-STD Main Bearings_Ford 4.6L V8_HP Series (00)
KNG-MB5353HP-STDX Main Bearings_Ford 4.6L V8_HP Series (01)
KNG-MB5353HP .25 Main Bearings_Ford 4.6L V8_HP Series (25)
KNG-MB5353HP .26 Main Bearings_Ford 4.6L V8_HP Series (26)
KNG-MB5353HP .50 Main Bearings_Ford 4.6L V8_HP Series (50)
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