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PRO/RACE Dampers
are manufactured to extremely high quality standards that are constantly monitored and checked at every step of the manufacturing process. Our quality levels in bore tolerance and the finish of the machined surfaces, in particular the critical oil seal area, far exceed OE standards and those of competitive models. Sixty degrees (60°) of computer generated timing marks (40° on Ford units) are accurately laser engraved. PRO/RACE Harmonic Dampers also feature engraved timing marks at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270° (except Ford models). Once assembly of the damper is complete, the entire damper is highly polished and then treated with a clear protective coating providing an extremely attractive appearance. Pro-Race Dampers are designed for a direct replacement of the stock damper which means all your accessory pulleys still line up without modification. The dampers will accept most crank trigger wheels.

While PRO/STREET harmonic dampers are not intended for racing, the fact they are cast of nodular iron, as opposed to regular gray iron, means they are suitable for higher RPMs than most competitive models. Note: The PRO/STREET nodular iron harmonic dampers are NOT SFI certified.


Nodular iron, also referred to as ductile iron, is typically the material used for heavy duty applications of cast iron products. It is approximately 30% stronger than regular gray iron. So it was only natural that when PRO/RACE developed the heavy duty OE replacement PRO/STREET dampers, high strength nodular iron was the material of choice.


The PRO/STREET dampers have been machined to tolerances far exceeding those used by OEM’s. Just take a look at the overall surface finish and oil seal and bore of the damper! Permanent rolled-in timing marks are very visible and will never fade or become less visible!
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PRO/SPORT range of harmonic dampers are the ideal dampers for all Street Machines and Hot Rods and are available to suit most popular V8 engines. Not only do they look good but also meet the tough SFI Spec 18.1. PRO/SPORT dampers are made from high quality carbon steel, so these harmonic dampers are ready for the race track, performance or street applications.

The PRO/SPORT range of harmonic dampers provide race quality performance dampers at near replacement part prices and is designed as a direct replacement of your OE damper. PRO/SPORT dampers have many features which exceed OE requirements and is manufactured to the quality standards you have come to expect from a specialist damper manufacturer. PRO/SPORT harmonic dampers are spin tested to 12,500 RPM for one hour to comply with the SFI Spec 18.1.
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Pro-Sport Underdrive
PRO/SPORT UNDER DRIVE DAMPERS Accessory drive systems have been made more compact on late model V8 engines, like the Ford 4.6L and the GM LSI by machining serpentine belt grooves on the OD of the crankshaft damper. The crankshaft damper functions as a combination crank damper and crank pulley on these engines. Under Drive dampers are smaller in diameter than stock production crank dampers which slows the speed of the accessories and reduces the H.P. required to drive them. Since performance and racing engine applications generally run at higher RPM, the water pump, alternator and power steering pump speeds can be reduced to save H.P. and still meet engine cooling, electrical and vehicle steering requirements.

The trick is to reduce the crank damper diameter without losing the torsion control required to prevent engine vibration and possible damage. The PRO/SPORT Under Drive dampers have been specially tuned to control crankshaft torsional vibration to stock production levels.

Dynamometer tests of the PRO/ SPORT 25% Under Drive damper on a 2005 Mustang 4.6L 3V engine at Livernois Motorsport in Dearborn Heights, Michigan produced a 13HP gain over a stock production damper.

Warning: Engine cooling and battery charging will be reduced and may not be adequate for city driving.
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PRO/RACER harmonic dampers are tuned and built for ultimate performance in the PRO/RACE range of dampers, providing the largest boost to the raw performance of your engine, allowing you to squeeze out every last horsepower with ease. You can buy a PRO/RACER damper with the utmost confidence it will provide many years of reliable, trouble-free service. EXCEEDS SFI SPEC #18.1

This specification is enforced by most racing sanctioning bodies to assure that the dampers conform to specified standards. While the SFI test is quite stringent and requires the damper to be spin tested at a speed of 12,000 rpm for a period of one hour, the PRO/RACER Damper has been tested at a speed of 18,000 rpm, substantially exceeding SFI requirements.
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Harmonic dampers are supplied in two styles; those for internally balanced engines and those for externally balanced engines. Externally balanced engines have a counterweight bolted into the hub of the damper. The advantage of having a removable counterweight in the hub eliminates the possibility of having the counterweight mass move from its position. The PRO/RACER Damper for internally and externally balanced small block and big block Chevys and for small block Chryslers is identical except for the counterweight. This means, for example, if you have a PRO/RACER Damper for a 400 small block Chevy you can remove the counterweight and the damper will work perfectly for a 350 Chevy. Conversely, if you have a 350 Damper and want to use it on a 400 you can now purchase the proper PRO/RACE counterweight and bolt it into your 350 damper and it is now a 400 damper. All small block Ford dampers are externally balanced with a counterweight. This counterweight can be removed for use with internally balanced engines.

Accessory counterweights for Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler external balance applications.
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PRO/RACER offers two styles of dampers for small and big block Chevys; a Racer model and a Street model. The difference is that on the Racer model the elastomer is bonded to the steel hub and ring. This bonding is particularly valuable on applications where sustained high speed is present such as marine or circle track applications. The Street models are suitable for moderate performance applications on engines making approximately 350 to 400 hp. The special splines enhance the bonding between the elastomer and the inner hub and outer ring which helps prevent any outer ring radial movement, a common problem on OEM stock factory dampers.

This specification is enforced by most racing sanctioning bodies to assure that the dampers conform to specified standards. While the SFI test is quite stringent and requires the damper to be spin tested at a speed of 12,000 rpm for a period of one hour, the PRO/RACE Damper has been tested at a speed of 18,000 rpm, substantially exceeding SFI requirements. All externally balanced Dampers feature accurately machined counterweights which bolt into the hub of the PRO/SPORT Damper. This not only provides extremely accurate engine balance due to the precision of the counterweight mass but also allows for easy conversion to neutral balance by unbolting the counterweight, should that ever be required.