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PRO/SPORT range of harmonic dampers are the ideal dampers for all Street Machines and Hot Rods and are available to suit most popular V8 engines. Not only do they look good but also meet the tough SFI Spec 18.1. PRO/SPORT dampers are made from high quality carbon steel, so these harmonic dampers are ready for the race track, performance or street applications.

The PRO/SPORT range of harmonic dampers provide race quality performance dampers at near replacement part prices and is designed as a direct replacement of your OE damper. PRO/SPORT dampers have many features which exceed OE requirements and is manufactured to the quality standards you have come to expect from a specialist damper manufacturer. PRO/SPORT harmonic dampers are spin tested to 12,500 RPM for one hour to comply with the SFI Spec 18.1.

Chevrolet V-8:
SB V-8 283 - 302 - 327 - 350
SB V-8 400
BB V-8 396 - 427
BB V-8 454 - 502
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GM - LS Series
GM LS Series
LS1 - LS2 - LS3 - LS6
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Ford V-8:
SB V-8 289 - 302 - 351W (early)
SB V-8 5.0L (302) 1981 and up (late)
BB V-8 429 - 460
Modular V-8 - 4.6L
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Chrysler V-8:
A and LA 273 - 318 - 340 - 360
B and RB 361 - 383 440 - and Late Model Hemi
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Unlike many other SFI dampers which are not bonded, the PRO/SPORT range feature a bonded elastomer! The elastomer is injected at high temperature and under extreme pressure and is cured against a specially prepared and chemically treated surface on the inside of the ring and outside of the hub. The result is a bond similar to that of a motor mount… which makes it almost impossible to separate the damper hub from ring! In fact during the manufacturing process EACH AND EVERY PRO/SPORT damper is subjected to elastomer bond test of 3000lbs separation force. If there is any sign of bond degradation then the damper is scrapped.

This specification is enforced by most racing sanctioning bodies to assure that the dampers conform to specified standards. While the SFI test is quite stringent and requires the damper to be spin tested at a speed of 12,000 rpm for a period of one hour, the PRO/RACE Damper has been tested at a speed of 18,000 rpm, substantially exceeding SFI requirements.

All externally balanced Dampers feature accurately machined counterweights which bolt into the hub of the PRO/SPORT Damper. This not only provides extremely accurate engine balance due to the precision of the counterweight mass but also allows for easy conversion to neutral balance by unbolting the counterweight, should that ever be required.