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Probe Industries offers 2 distinct Connecting Rod types to fit every level of performance to include H-Beam 4340 and Machined Beam 5140 steel all with ARP rod bolts and the option to upgrade to ARP-2000. Select more info to find the Connecting Rod that is right for your application.

Machined Beam - 5140
Probe Industries CNC Machined Beam Forged Steel (5140 Steel) rods are recommended for engines in bracket, oval track, and almost all street and strip applications up to 550 horsepower. They are better than a stock rod but not as strong as an H-Beam, perfect for a naturally aspirated street car. Mild Power Adders may be used. more info
H-Beam - 4340

Probe Industries H-Beam Steel Rods are precision forged of select 4340 aircraft quality steel, vacuum degassed to remove impurities. They are forged in two pieces to insure proper grain flow, then all surfaces are CNC machined into a track proven H-Beam design and shot-peened to relieve stress. Silicon Bronze bushings are then installed for increased wear resistance and precision ground alignment sleeves are added to the rod cap to prevent cap walk under high horsepower loads.They are Drilled to provide pin oiling.

  • Forged of Quality 4340 Steel
  • High Strength H-Beam Design
  • Shot Peened
  • Bronze Bushed
  • ARP 12pt Cap Screws
  • Weight Balanced + 2 Grams
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