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What kind of connecting rods do I need?

Connecting rods in modern high performance and racing engines are subject to far more abuse than in years past, luckily, modern I beam and H beam connecting rods are up to the task.

Advances in metallurgy and machining techniques, have made superior automotive connecting rods available, at reasonable prices. Modern connecting rods for performance and racing engines, as well as muscle car, hot rod and street rod engines are most often made in two basic types, the I-beam and the H-beam. Also available are aluminum connecting rods, and billet steel, and even titanium connecting rods for limited applications.

If you choose the correct connecting rod for your application, and install it properly, and maintain proper lubrication to it, while not subjecting your engine to detonation or excessive lean conditions, you will have the foundation for a strong, dependable rotating assembly that will last for many engine cycles, while giving trouble free service.

You should always choose a performance connecting rod that is rated for the amount of power and type of driving you intend on doing. You can always go with a stronger rod than needed, for additional durability, but choosing a rod with less strength than required for your engine, is asking for trouble. On top of the fact that modern engines are making far more power than ever, with the use of turbo chargers, super chargers and nitrous, pistons, connecting rods and crankshafts are being more highly stressed than ever. Fortunately, the parts are available to stand up the demands of current HP and race engines.

Probe offers a large variety of connecting rods from performance prepped stock rods to all out competition 4340 forged H & I beam rods.