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Vigilante Performance currently offers off the shelf and custom pistons from Probe Industries, Ross Racing Pistons, Weisco, JE/SRP, CP Carrillo and Racetec.
Probe_Custom Pistons
With over sixty years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of custom pistons for all forms of high performance and racing you can rely on Probe's competence in fulfilling your custom piston needs. In addition, our decades of experience in designing and producing stroker combinations along with the standard assemblies, we can avoid the pitfalls inherent in using engine components in ...... nontraditional applications.

Added to that is our firm commitment to a simple concept. Communication. If you email us, we will respond, if you call and miss up, we will call you back. And we are usually available on your time line.

Also, we have access to a variety of piston shops, which enables us to better work with your timelines and budget constraints.

Experience - Efficiency - Accessibility - Accuracy ...... adds up to Probe being the best choice to find your Custom Pistons.
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Probe Forged Pistons
Probe Industries Forged Pistons

Since 1987 Probe Industries has manufactured a wide variety of products ranging from lightweight billet rockers to forged pistons. Probe Industries is continually striving for excellence in offering a large selection of products to racers and automotive enthusiasts. Today, Probe forged pistons are a result of many years of technological advances in both forging and machine tool technology.
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ROSS Racing Pistons
ROSS Racing Pistons Forged Pistons

ROSS Racing Pistons began production of high-end forged aluminum racing pistons in 1979. Drawing on over 35 years of piston design for all forms of motorsports, ROSS Racing Pistons has met the continuous need for the most advanced forged pistons in the racing industry. Utilizing the most sophisticated design and analysis software, along with ultra-modern CNC machining centers, ROSS has developed the most innovative line of piston forgings available today.
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CP Pistons
CP Forged Pistons

Pistons are the backbone of any true hardcore racing engine and that’s where CP-Carrillo excels. Their Engineering department started off analyzing the competition, gathering industry data and deciding to make the highest level of pistons....period. The heart and soul of CP pistons are built through their Engineering Department and its resources. This department is made up of several factors that push them ahead of the competition; Reverse Engineering, Design Experience and Flexibility, Analysis and R&D. As in racing, it takes a lot to be number one; and CP-Carrillo has it all and are number one in piston design, enabling our customers to come in first on race day.
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Autotec Forged Pistons
AutoTec™ Pistons - Pro Quality shelf and custom pistons from concept to reality!

The AutoTec™ line is a high quality, precision manufactured piston option at an extremely competitive price. Their design specific forgings allow the manufacturing of parts with less machine time, enable keeping production costs down and pass that savings on to you.

AutoTec™ forged pistons are made on the same high quality machines and with the same tools as the RaceTec™ line, including utilizing diamond turned ring grooves and skirts. Made out of 4032 high silicone aluminum alloy, Autotecs are extremely durable, have great wear resistance, a low expansion rate, and achieve very low friction losses.
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