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With over sixty years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of custom pistons for all forms of high performance and racing you can rely on Probe's competence in fulfilling your custom piston needs. In addition, our decades of experience in designing and producing stroker combinations along with the standard assemblies, we can avoid the pitfalls inherent in using engine components in ...... nontraditional applications.

Added to that is our firm commitment to a simple concept. Communication. If you email us, we will respond, if you call and miss up, we will call you back. And we are usually available on your time line.

Also, we have access to a variety of piston shops, which enables us to better work with your timelines and budget constraints.

Experience - Efficiency - Accessibility - Accuracy ...... adds up to Probe being the best choice to find your Custom Pistons.

To initiate a Custom Piston inquiry, or order, you can call us at (480) 393-0800 ... or send an email to:

Mark _ [email protected]

Tobias _ [email protected]

A Tech/Order Form is available here:

You can compile all the information you have, and we'll be happy to go through the rest and make certain that you're to get a part you can use.

Pricing will depend on manufacturer, so a quote is always required.