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Performance Liquidation currently offers Crankshafts from Probe Industries, SCAT and Crower Cams and Equipment to give you every choice you will need when choosing a stock stroke or high performance stroked crank.

Select from the manufacturers below to explore the hundreds of Crankshafts available.
Probe Industries Crankshafts
Probe Industries Crankshafts are offered in Forged 4340 Steel and Cast Steel for every budget and performance level needed. They allow for hundreds of stroke and rod combinations to choose from for all of your Domestic Crankshaft needs.
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Scat Crankshafts

SCAT Crankshafts are offered through Performance Liquidations because we realize you have better things to do with your time than call 20 different companies to find parts for your build. SCAT manufactures Five distinct Crankshaft types for hundreds of applications to fit every level of performance to include 4340, and Cast Steel in a variety of strokes. SCAT Cranks typically feature: Profiled aero-wing counterweights, Straight shot & chamfered oil holes, Nitride hardened for superior wear reisistance, Lightening holes in all rod throws, Large radius on all journals, CNC machined for absolute tolerances and symmetry for ease of balance and for reduced rotating weight.
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