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Vigilante Performance Engineering currently offers crankshafts from our own Probe Industries Brand as well as Scat Enterprises, Manley, Molnar Technologies, and Callies Precision Engine Components to give you every choice you will need when choosing a stock or high performance crankshaft

Select from the manufacturers below to explore the crankshafts available.

Vigilante Performance Engineering Crankshafts
Vigilante Performance Engineering 4340 Forged Steel Crankshafts will give you the strength and reliability required to dominate the competition. With VPE's premium non-twist forgings, machined to exact specifications, most stroker combination can be built. They include straight shot chamfered oil holes and rod journals that feature large radii and lightening holes. more info
Scat Crankshafts
Scat manufactures five distinct Crankshaft types for hundreds of applications to fit every level of performance to include 4340, and Cast Steel in a variety of strokes. SCAT Cranks typically feature: Profiled aero-wing counterweights, Straight shot & chamfered oil holes, Nitride hardened for superior wear resistance, Lightening holes in all rod throws, Large radius on all journals, and are CNC machined for absolute tolerances and symmetry for ease of balance and for reduced rotating weight. more info
Molnar Crankshafts
Molnar Technologies produces extremely strong 4340 forged crankshafts that are machined to very precise tolerances and are far stronger than stock as well as most other aftermarket cranks. Top tier Molnar products are available at surprisingly affordable prices.

These Molnar crankshafts are 4340 forged steel for superior strength and durability. A Molnar crank is a great choice for just about any high performance or racing engine project. Muscle cars, street rods, hot rods, serious competition engines, off road and even marine engines can all can benefit from these premium performance products. If you are running a turbo or supercharger at high boost levels, or large doses of nitrous, an upgraded Molnar crankshaft, as the foundation of your rotating assembly, becomes even more important.
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Callies Crankshafts
Callies Performance Products began manufacturing high performance crankshafts in 1989. With many years of engineering and employee experience, Callies has grown to be the industry leader for innovative product design. We take pride in staying ahead of the competition with the latest high tech design and manufacturing advantages. By utilizing the latest in computer aided solid modeling and CNC machining centers, Callies is able to offer the best designed, highest quality crankshafts, connecting rods, and camshaft cores available on the market today.

At the heart of Callies Commitment to excellence is one of the most experienced sales teams in the industry. Up-to-date information on the latest products and innovations is available to Callies customers through an expert sales staff. Information shared between Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing personnel on a daily basis creates company-wide continuity that ensures Callies maintains a focus on developing products to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.
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