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Vigilante Performance offers Custom Camshafts as well as off-the-shelf pieces from Comp Cams, Bullet, and Iskendarian. Also available are all styles of lifters from BAM Lifters, Comp Cams, and Iskendarian to suit any application.

Camshafts are the most critical part in determining you engine's performance. Designers use a combination of separation angles, lift, duration and lobe acceleration (ramp rates) to create a unique cam profile to suit a selected performance window. Which profile you choose will determine where in the curve maximum horsepower and torque will occur ... so selection of the correct camshaft is critical. Optimizing the cam profile also depends on matching the valve events to your cylinder head and valve train components capabilities. more info
Currently Available from BAM, Comp Cams, Iskendarian, and Morel ... Vigilante Performance provides both flat tappet and roller lifter designs. Flat lifters, which are typically found in vintage vehicles, have a relatively flat face that slides on the camshaft. Meanwhile, roller lifters have a wheel-like roller that follows the camshaft’s outline. Since the 1990’s, nearly all OHV engines have come standard with hydraulic roller lifters. Racing engines, primarily, will have either solid flat tappet or solid roller lifters. Hydraulic roller lifters can be either a link bar or stock replacement style.

Solid lifters, must have the valvetrain lash adjusted mechanically from time to time. Hydraulic lifters rely on pressurized engine oil to automatically adjust lash internally, so there’s no need for periodic adjustment.
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