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Currently Available from BAM, Comp Cams, Iskendarian, and Morel ... Vigilante Performance provides both flat tappet and roller lifter designs. Flat lifters, which are typically found in vintage vehicles, have a relatively flat face that slides on the camshaft. Meanwhile, roller lifters have a wheel-like roller that follows the camshaft’s outline. Since the 1990’s, nearly all OHV engines have come standard with hydraulic roller lifters. Racing engines, primarily, will have either solid flat tappet or solid roller lifters. Hydraulic roller lifters can be either a link bar or stock replacement style.

Solid lifters, must have the valvetrain lash adjusted mechanically from time to time. Hydraulic lifters rely on pressurized engine oil to automatically adjust lash internally, so there’s no need for periodic adjustment.

BAM Lifters
BAM Pro-Plus Series Solid Roller Lifters are offered in  Needle Bearing, Bronze Bushed  or Steel Bushed,  for Chevrolet Small Block,  Chevrolet SB2, Chevrolet Big Block and LS Series Engines. All BAM Roller Lifters are 100% made in the USA, and each set of lifters is hand assembled with the highest level of care and accuracy. BAM's Triple Alloy Steel Billet Lifter Bodies are machined on state of the art CNC equipment, resulting in a component that delivers zero tolerance stacking and industry leading accuracy. more info
Comp Cams
The lifter is one of the most critical pieces in an engine combination. Whether it be mechanical or hydraulic, flat tappet or roller, the lifter determines how the camshaft will react to the balance of the engine combination. As operating range increases, lifter and valve lifter float become serious considerations. Increased spring pressure can sometimes be the answer, but more often than not, the ability of the lifter to manage the load is the key to success or valve train failure. COMP Cams® offers all common lifter designs, as well as the new Evolution Series of Retrofit Roller Lifters. more info
Don't compromise your engine's performance or risk the well-being of your valvetrain with inferior lifters! Ensure consistent valve timing, efficient valvetrain operation, and maximum power with Isky lifters. Isky Racing Cams uses advanced design and precision engineering to provide the quality that your ride deserves ... find out for yourself when your order the Isky lifters designed to fit your application. more info