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BAM Pro-Plus Series Solid Roller Lifters are offered in Needle Bearing, Bronze Bushed or Steel Bushed, for Chevrolet Small Block, Chevrolet SB2, Chevrolet Big Block and LS Series Engines. All BAM Roller Lifters are 100% made in the USA, and each set of lifters is hand assembled with the highest level of care and accuracy. BAM's Triple Alloy Steel Billet Lifter Bodies are machined on state of the art CNC equipment, resulting in a component that delivers zero tolerance stacking and industry leading accuracy.

BAM Pro-Plus Series Solid Roller Lifters _ Needle Bearing _ Bronze Bushed _ Steel Bushed _ for Chevrolet Small Block _ Small Block SB2 _ Big Block  _ and LS Series Engines more info
BAM Solid Roller Lifters for the for Ford Windsor, Cleveland and 385 Series Big Block Engines are available with Needle Bearing, Bronze or Steel Bushings. BAM Lifters are suitable for all forms of High Performance Street and all Racing applications. more info