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SFI-Rated Billet Steel Flywheels are engineered to handle extreme duty applications and are designed to take the punishment of todays high horsepower engines. All flywheels from VPE and McLeod are CAD engineered and precision CNC machined to strict tolerances and every flywheel is rigorously inspected throughout the manufacturing cycle to ensure that you receive the quality that you have come to expect.

McLeod is proud to offer steel, aluminum, nodular iron and chromoly flywheels. Our steel flywheels are perfect for the street and are made from billet steel with a hardened ring gear for durability. Our aluminum flywheels are ideal for those seeking a lower weight flywheel. All of our aluminum flywheels have replaceable Blanchard ground plates. All McLeod flywheels come balanced and SFI Approved. more info
Vigilante Performance
VPE provides Flywheels in either Billet Steel or Aluminum to provide the maximum range of applications possible. They are manufactured of 1045 Billet Steel and are CAD Engineered and manufactured on the latest CNC equipment and each VPE Billet Flywheel is SFI Certified. more info