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Fastener Materials Guide
MaterialUSE?Yield StrengthTensile StrengthUsed For
Grade 5No90,000 psi120,000 psiAccessory bolts and studs
Grade 8No120,000 psi150,000 psiAccessory bolts and studs
"Stainless 300"Yes140,000 psi170,000 psiAccessory bolts and studs, head studs
Custom 450 ® Yes150,000 psi180,000 psiHead bolts, accessory bolts
8740 chromemolyYes180,000 psi200,000 psiRod bolts, head & main studs/bolts
A286Yes170,000 psi200,000 psiHead bolts, accessory bolts
ARP2000Yes180,000 psi220,000 psiRod bolts, head & main studs
L19Yes200-230,000 psi260,000 psiConnecting rod bolts
Inconel 718Yes190-210,000 psi220,000 psiConnecting rod bolts
Custom Age 625+ ® Yes235-255,000 psi260,000 psiHead bolts, connecting rod bolts
ARP 3.5Yes220-250,000 psi260,000 psiConnecting rod bolts
AerMet ® 100Yes260,000 psi280,000 psiConnecting rod bolts
TitaniumYes160,000 psi180,000 psiHead studs, accessory bolts