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King HP-Series Cam Bearings have the toughness needed for your brutal racing applications. These bearings are constructed from seamless steel tubing with a thin layer of lead based babbit material to reduce microscopic deflections. The babbit is quickly cooled in the casting process to achieve a very fine grain structure, doubling tensile strength. HP-Series bearings are precision-machined to tight tolerances to control installed oil clearances, reducing operating bearing pressure. King HP-Series cam bearings offer much more fatigue strength than conventional bearings and can withstand racing spring loads, while maintaining the excellent surface characteristics of babbit. King also offers HP-Series bearings with a fluoropolymer coating. Bearings with this coating retain engine oil on the surface, even under extreme heat and pressure--a great advantage! Plus, being a lubricant, it provides backup during start-up and in the event of momentary oil starvation. Use track-tough King HP-Series cam bearings in your engine and feel the difference.