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Many of Americaís most successful companies can trace their roots to basements, tool sheds and spare bedrooms. Like Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, and Apple Computer, Dart Machinery began in humble surroundings. Richard Maskin founded Dart in 1981 in a two-car garage in Oak Park, Michigan. In the years since Maskin started his business with a desk and a telephone, Dart has become the proven leader in aftermarket cylinder heads, intake manifolds and engine blocks.

Chevrolet_Small Block
In recent years, Dartís spread-port Big Chief heads have set the standard in classes ranging from Pro Street to Pro Mod, and that tradition of innovation continued with the introduction of affordable Iron Eagle, SHP, PRO 1, and the Race Series cylinder heads for Small Block Chevrolet. Pretty much everything street, strip or oval track applications is covered by Dart's comprehensive line of cylinder heads. more info
Chevrolet_Big Block
Most performance seekers will opt for any number of aftermarket aluminum heads like those from Dart. There are various chamber, valve, intake runner, and valve spring options that will fit nearly any application. Spread-port, raised runner, or standard configurations are available to set the standard in classes ranging from Street to Pro Mod. more info
Chevrolet_LS Series
The Dart LS Cylinder Head retains stock valve angles, stock valve locations and stock accessory mounting holes to make installation easy. Virtually everything else has been improved. Available in 15, 12, or Race Series 10 degree valve angle configurations as well as Cathedral and Rectangular Port setups yo make superior power in any application. more info