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At the end of WWII, Vic Sr purchased his first building to open a machine shop and repair facility in Hollywood, CA. It was here that Vic designed his first aluminum racing heads for Flathead Fords. From 1946 through to today Edelbrock has been at the forefront of cylinder head development for Ford engines.

From those austere beginnings Edelbrock has crafted a long history of producing innovative cylinder head designs for Ford engines. A wide range of performance parameters for Ford FE Series, 302 and 351 Windsor, Cleveland and the 385 Series Big Blocks...are the result ..... and even the venerable Flathead offerings are still available.

Edelbrock Cylinder heads for the Ford Windsor are available for everything from a CARB Legal stock replacement Performer to an all out race effort Victor Glidden. Available bare or assembled and ready to bolt on and go, Edelbrock has a cylinder head that will fit your program.

Customized setups and Complete Porting are available from Vigilante Performance Engineering.
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Whether you want high performance street, bracket, class race or just want to rebuild your old Cleveland Small Block, there are cylinder heads just for you! Performance cylinder heads enhance the airflow into your engine, giving you improved power and torque. Bolt on a set of fully assembled cylinder heads for instant power gains or custom build your engine’s top end around a set of bare castings! more info
Ford_FE Series
Edelbrock builds excellent FE Series aluminum heads, patterned after the 427 medium riser heads.  Several varieties are available with different port and chamber options, including Edelbrock’s “pro-port” version, where a CNC porting program can be used to achieve flow numbers in excess of 370 cfm. 600-700 horsepower FE is readily achievable using these components, and 500 cubic inch engines over 900 horsepower are possible with the best components. more info
Ford_385 Series Big Block
Designed for 1968 to 1987 429/460 Fords, these new Performer RPM heads are ideal for high-performance street, drag racing and marine applications, promising significant power increases over ported stock cylinder heads. They accept all factory accessories as well as factory exhaust, aftermarket headers and factory valvetrain components although they do require the use of 3/8 diameter pushrods. more info