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The first step to better performance is selecting the best intake manifold that meets your power needs. As the leader of induction technology since 1938, Edelbrock has invested countless hours into the design and manufacture of each manifold in a line-up that covers applications from mild street to race. To ensure the ultimate in quality with a precision fit, every Edelbrock intake manifold is cast at the ultramodern Edelbrock Aluminum Foundry and machined on the most advanced CNC machining centers at Edelbrock headquarters. Whether you're building a daily-driven restomod, a high-performance street-strip machine or a full-on race car, Edelbrock intake manifolds will provide the power right where you want it.

Edelbrock Carbureted and EFI designs cover the entire performance spectrum from mild street performance to all out racing applications. Single and Dual Plane designs are available for most engines.

Chrysler_Small Block
Beginning with the Edelbrock Performer and progressing through to the Super Victor manifolds, there are no better known, better designed, or better performing manifolds than Edelbrock for Small Block Chrysler engines.

Bolt them on as cast for the average performance engine, or VPE can accommodate you by port matching or competition porting the manifolds to suit an individual application.
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Chrysler_Big Block
Be it a 413 Super Stock Dodge, a warmed over 440, or a 572 cubic inch Big Block, Edelbrock has a manifold designed to deliver the power and performance you're looking for. Beginning with a fresh start design philosophy and progressing to the painstaking development of modern design of manufacturing techniques, to the ensuring of trouble free fitment, Edelbrock is dedicated to delivering an Intake Manifold that you don't have to think about.....becasue it just performs. more info
Chrysler_Gen II Hemi
Elephant. The Gen II Hemi "Elephant Motor" is easily the most iconic engine of the Muscle Motor era. Once you outfit your Hemi with Edelbrock Gen II Hemi cylinder heads, it's time to turn to Edelbrock Intake Manifolds to put the icing on the cake.
Designed to move enough air to complement the high flowing Hemi Head design, Edelbrock naturally aspirated and EFI manifolds are the perfect addition to your Elephant Motor.
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Chrysler_Gen III Hemi
Chrysler may not have realized the impact on the performance industry that occurred when the first Gen III Hemi rolled out of the production line in 2003. Like a tsunami that starts small but builds momentum and force as it travels, the Gen III Hemi has advanced the lineage from its Gen II cousin and planted the Mopar flag firmly at the top of Horsepower Hill. Everybody else is now trying to play catch up.
Added to the horsepower increases inherent in the Edelbrock Gen III hemi heads are Intake Manifolds to match the enhanced performance characteristics of the heads.
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