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Probe SRS Series Pistons for the B and RB Chrysler Based Engines are manufactured on advanced 2618-t6 forgings; featuring forged side reliefs with internal and external bracing. Most feature double spiral locks (or wire locks in some applications), forced pin oilers with oil distribution grooves, and lock removal indentations. They also feature gas accumulator grooves in the second land and double forced pin oilers with oil distribution grooves, as well as optional gas ports. Locks, wrist pins, and lock removal indents are included.
Flat Top
Flat top pistons in a BB Chrysler engine will generally provide compression ratios in the 10 to 12.0:1 range which makes them a good option for naturally aspirated engines with larger than stock camshafts and aluminum heads. Valve reliefs are configured to work with most types of head with standard valve locations and will normally fit camshafts to well over .700 valve lift.