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All Romac Harmonic Balancers are SFI 18.1 approved and are offered in four styles. Most are 360 degreed and feature a fully encapsulated outer ring via a shoulder at the rear and a serviceable circlip mounted at the front of the outer ring. All Romac Balancers are individually “Consecutively Marked”, fully serviceable and need no special bonding with the elastomer.

Balancers can be ordered with undersize bores to suit undersize crankshafts; simply indicate this by adding the undersize to the P/N and call for assistance. To be sure of the bore size you need you should measure this prior to contacting us.

Steel Inner/Steel Outer (Red Series)
Performance (Red) Series:

Steel Inner Hub/Steel Outer Ring, for Mild Street or Strip performance engines that offer increased harmonic absorption over stock units. Most have 360 degreed outer rings and are similar in weight to factory cast units but add the safety of an encapsulated outer ring. They are available in External or Neutral balance and weigh from 6.5 to 11 lbs. Romac Red Series Balancers are effective to 8,000 rpm.
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Steel Inner/Aluminum Outer (Gold Series)
Anodised Pro (Gold) Series:

Steel Inner Hub/Aluminum Outer Ring, for very High Performance Street, Marine or Race engines requiring the added insurance of a Steel Inner Hub for strength where dry sump pumps, etc, may be installed.

We recommend this style of balancer over all other balancers produced due to its flexibility and endurance characteristics. Weight savings of approximately 1/3 can be achieved with this style of balancer over the Red Series or factory units. They are available in External or Neutral balance with weights ranging from 4 to 7.75 lbs. Romac Gold Series Balancers are effective to 10,000 RPM.
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Aluminum Inner/Aluminum Outer (Pro Series)
Aluminum Inner Hub/Aluminum Outer Ring (Pro) Series:

Used for Marine, all out Drag Racing, Circle Track or Road Racing where nothing is required to be run from the inner hub or outer ring (particularly dry sump pumps.) These balancers are particularly important on tight cornered tracks where engine rpm is low and instantaneous engine response is required to accelerate out of tight turns. Pro Series Balancers are available only in Neutral Balance and deliver extreme weight savings with as little as 2.25 lbs total balancer weight. Romac Pro Series Balancers are effective to 10,000 RPM.
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Blower Balancers (All Series)
Blower or Supercharged Balancers:

These balancers have 4340 grade Steel Inner Hub/Aluminum Outer Ring, for Street, Strip or Marine applications and include dual keyways. They feature dual keyways with a STD width (3/16 inch) with an additional 1/4 inch keyway 180 degrees opposite. Crankshafts manufactured without the 1/4 in keyway must be modified. All Blower balancers come with a larger seal boss diameter.

They are available in External or Neutral Balance configurations and there is a weight savings commensurate with the Steel/Aluminum units. The front inner hub face can be a standard factory layout or Romac's standard 6 Bolt pattern with a 2.000 inch register which suits standard blower pulleys. Romac Balancers are effective to 10,000 RPM.
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