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Total Seal's advanced manufacturing processes, along with the use of aerospace materials and inspection, allow them to produce piston rings with the flattest, tightest tolerances available anywhere. It's a winning formula, the flatter the ring lays against the piston ring flank, the better it seals. The better it seals the more power you are going to make.

Possessing the widest variety of ring materials and coatings in the industry allows Total Seal ring to be used in the widest variety of applications, from daily drivers to Nascar.

Total Seal Pre Fit Ring Sets
Traditionally, pre-gapped replacement ring-sets are “sized” for the nominal bore size of the engine, usually with generous end gap clearances to minimize the potential of butting the end gaps. These are perfect of the novice engine builder or for a lower performance build where ring end gaps are not critical. more info
Total Seal File Fit Ring Sets
The primary advantage of a file fit piston ring is that it promotes a better combustion seal by setting exact tolerances, which helps to reduce blow-by and, more importantly, prevents the rings from butting up against one another and scoring the cylinder walls. more info