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Available Combinations for the 302 base are 302, 331, 347, 354 in the conventional 4.000 based bore. Big Bore combinations using a 4.125, or 4.155 bore are also available when using an aftermarket block. As usual Custom Combinations are also available.

302 Cubic Inches - 3.000 Stroke
Based on the stock bore, stroke, and rod length configuration of the venerable 302 Ford, these kits are based on the 3.000 factory stroke crankshaft. They are perfectly suited as stock replacement, or they can be set up with minor boost or increased compression for high performance street or street and strip combinations. more info
331 Cubic Inches - 3.250 Stroke
331 cubic inch stoker kits are based on the 4.000 bore 302 Windsor engine block and a cast steel 3.250 stroke crankshaft. They are a perfect replacement for the 302 if you want the increased power and torque you get from a larger engine. Aftermarket cylinder heads and larger camshafts are a good addition to complement the increased capacity. Custom combination are also available for specialized applications. more info
347 Cubic Inches - 3.400 Stroke
The 347 cubic inch strokers are easily the most popular upgrade for the 302. 475 easily attainable horsepower and torque numbers to match are the reason for its widespread acceptance. Minor clearancing of the block is required, and free-flowing heads and proper camshafts are required to take advantage of the extra 45 cubic inches. more info
347 Cubic Inches (Big Bore) - 3.250 Stroke
Based on the Dart 4.125 Bore (Std) the  Big Bore Ford 347 is designed for use when you want to greatly exceed the factory 302 block's 500 H/P practical limit. Whether you're aiming for a high compression screamer,  plan on making power with Nitrous Oxide, going the turbo/blower route, or just looking for increased reliability for your street machine, these combinations are designed to do exactly what you need. more info
363 Cubic Inches (Big Bore) - 3.400 Stroke
If you're looking to go as far as we consider practical in stretching the Small Block Fords capacity, then the Big Bore 363 is your combination. Based on a 4.125 aftermarket block with a 3.400 stroke crankshaft this setup will allow you to achieve torque numbers that are not possible with smaller motors. The better the heads flow, and healthier the camshaft is, the better this setup will work. more info